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Learn about energy, how to use it during massage, and how to work with energy for yourself and others.

Maui Massage Apprenticeship with Vitalogy Health
Renaissance for Polarity - June 20th to June 23rd | Hilton Long Island/Huntington, Melville, NY


May 20-23 in Melville, New York

Melville, NY: The American Polarity Therapy Association is hosting the “Renaissance for Polarity Conference May 20-23 in Melville, New York. Starting Thursday evening with Keynote speaker Dr. Christina Ross, this three-day event features the top experts and leaders from all over the country in the field of energy medicine and Polarity Therapy.

’’Training with the top experts in the field of Polarity as well as leading research, cutting edge techniques, the theory and science of Energy Medicine will be showcased at this coming conference being sponsored by the American Polarity Therapy Association. Attending will take your knowledge and skills in Polarity Therapy and Energy Medicine to the next level.’’ Dr. Mary Jo Ruggeri, BCPP, RPE

The heart of the conference is the content. The workshops and the presenters reveal a wide variety of topics from bodywork and communication techniques to self-care and deeper understanding of the Polarity model. Regardless of your background you will come away with a wealth of information and inspiration. Below is a sample of what will be offered.

• Christina Ross PhD., BCPP, RPE
Healing the Self: Reprogramming Our Cellular and Molecular Structure

• Lisa Nemzo BCPP, RPE
Portals to the Pelvis: Holographic Protocol for Sciatica & Lower Back Pain

• Heather Principe BCPP, RPE
Hermetic Underpinnings of Polarity

For more information and registration
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• Aptaoffices@polaritytherapy.org
• Phone (336) 574-1121

The American Polarity Therapy Association was founded in 1984 and the first conference was held in 1986. Today, APTA continues on our mission of building community, upholding high standards of practice and training while advancing the practice of Polarity Therapy.
Our members come from all walks of life including doctors, chiropractors, psychologists, school teachers, research scientists, yoga enthusiasts, acupuncturists, bodyworkers and spiritual seekers.

Maruti Seidmand Polarity Balancing | May 17-19 | Wailea Healing Center, Kihei, Hawaii

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